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Multimedia Designer


  • Proficient with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or similar multimedia editing tools

  • Good knowledge of design fundamentals and workflow.

  • Understands how to structure a video and how to enhance it using VFX or SFX.

  • Able to use AI tools such as Stable Diffusion or Mid Journey is a advantage.

  • Experience in social media management

  • Team spirit, excellent communication skills to collaborate with various team members.

  • Self-motivated and good time management skills

  • Love to keep up with the latest social media trends and willing to learn.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Design, Communications or related fields

  • Conversational in English required

Perks and benefits

  • Fun and positive atmosphere with friendly and passionate people

  • Involvement in the development of the high-quality digital products

  • Personal and professional growth opportunities

  • Fully remote work environment

Job description

  • Create digital contents to your regional market on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok

  • Assist in product design (UI/UX), brand packages for distribution channels.

  • Coordinate with local team members to create photo and video assets for use in marketing and social media posts the above channels.

  • Actively participate in regular calls with social media team and sales team to propose brand appropriate promotional and community engagement posts on social media channels.

  • Assist with coordinating, designing and hosting promotional events to increase brand awareness.

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